Impossible Instant Film

Impossible Instant Film

Are you old enough to remember Polaroid Cameras? At one time it was the only way we could get instant photos. Kids today are so spoiled. Well, many of you probably still have the cameras, but finding film for them is tricky. Not anymore. Impossible Instant Film is here to help.

Yep. This is brand new film for your old Polaroid camera. It works with Polaroid 600-type, SX-70-type, or Image/Spectra-type camera. You can choose from silver or color film. Dust off that old camera and have some fun.

Impossible Instant Polaroid Film

Impossible Instant Film

  • New film for your old Polaroid camera!
  • Choose from Polaroid 600-type camera (color or silver), SX-70-type camera (color or silver), and Image/Spectra-type camera (color or silver)
  • All new color combinations and dyes for great color saturation, a high level of detail and sharpness, and stunning image quality
  • Great for artists and creative types, events such as weddings or parties
  • Every film pack consists of a cartridge with 8 photos and a built-in battery to power the camera
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Development: 30 minutes approximately at 70°F
  • Note: The films will develop from a blue colour before unveiling a monochrome image. (The original Polaroid would develop from a brownish colour.)

Impossible Instant Film is $23.49 from

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