1. does anyone know if this phone will work in canada? i read somewhere that it doesnt work in USA/Canada? im not sure why, cuase the previous ones did=\ and does anyone know if the memory is expandable? i heard that it isn?!?!?!=(

  2. i like how nobody reads the comments.

    kudos to you, robert for having the patience to reply the way you do. =P


  3. I haven’t heard anything about European availability I’m afraid.

    Anyone else who knows if this, or any other Hello Kitty mobile phone, is or will be available in stores in Europe?

  4. i abosolutley love the hellokity phone i might drop my old phone in the bath so i can gget on HAHA lol i sooooooooooooo want one i need it

  5. This phone does not work in USA unfortunately. However there are other models that would work in USA and Canada is a touch screen model. Also this phone does not cost 600usd thats a lie i dealt with different Asian cell phone brands and its not that expensive unless you get it directly from a store.

    Anyways if anyone interested in knowing more about this phones can contact me at [email protected]


  6. They are releasing more hello kitty model of phones i got some connection which i am planning to get when they release them in Taiwan or Japan . There are lots of hello kitty fans in USA and i bet they would love the hello kitty phones which would be released this year or next year.


  7. i love this phone so much ^__^

    i really want it but i am in england. is there any other hello kitty mobile phones for sale in the UK or that work in the UK.

    if so please please please let me know.

    HK x

  8. hi
    how much is it ?
    Can i ever get it delivered or have anyway of getting it in the UK ?
    i really want to get this phone x
    kim x x x

  9. hi its me agian i just read another comment that this phone doesn’t work in the UK is that correct?
    If so are there any other hello kitty moniles that i can get in the UK?

    Please get back to me by email or something x x
    Kim x

  10. ITS MINE!!! I WANT IT!!! i wish they would sell it in the U.K coz i live in england so where on earth should i get it??

    no. 1 hello kitty fan!

  11. Hi, i was wondering if there was a way I could get this phone here in the USA or shipped to me?
    Also, does it come in English and will it work with AT&T?


  12. Sorry agaaiin but i would love to hear about this phone aswell.
    I live in the U.K so i was wondering if u could buy it in the U.K or order it??

  13. the phone is so cool but it dosnt come much cheaper than around 300 euro

    and probualy unless your really lucky is only avialibe on ebay 🙁

  14. i want it bcuz i cant live without hello kitty, but it looks like it is in chinese,is there any way to change tht 2 english bcuz i wuld totally buy it

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