Cutout Ralph T-Shirt

Simpsons Cutout Ralph T-Shirt

Have you ever watched The Simpsons and found yourself wondering what makes Ralph Wiggum tick? You’re not the only one, and the result is this twisted and funny Cutout Ralph T-Shirt.

Ralph is an odd duck. One minute he’s saying something so profound that you can’t help but wonder if the boy is a genius, but then he eats crayons or sees leprechauns telling him to burn things so you think maybe the wisdom was just dumb luck.

The image, created by artist Erick Flores, features a cutaway view of Ralph, and judging from the scissors in his hand, it’s probably safe to assume Ralph did the cutting himself.

If the kids at Springfield Elementary School thought he was weird before, they’ll realize Ralph just took things to a whole new level when he shows up without half his skin. Of course, you can bet Bart Simpson will think it’s cool.

Simpsons Cutout Ralph Shirts

The Cutout Ralph T-Shirt is available for $25 at Threadless.

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