Carrie Dripping Blood T-Shirt

Carrie Dripping Blood Shirt

Are you looking for a shirt that a sweet, fun-loving girl on it? Then I’m afraid I got nothing for you but the Carrie Dripping Blood T-Shirt will be reaching out and grabbing you by the throat if you’re looking for a girl that really loves the color red.

When the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s “Carrie” first hit the big screen in 1976, we saw in graphic detail why bullying the shy, mousey girls might not be the greatest idea, and that lesson is being taught again as Carrie once again prepares to unleash a psychic tantrum in theaters.

I can’t really tell if this Carrie is Chloe Grace Moritz, the actress that will portray Carrie on the big screen, but it’s definitely not Sissy Spacek, and I guess it really doesn’t matter because it’s easy to see one thing about the t-shirt version of Carrie – she’s ticked off… and a ticked off girl with out-of-this-world mental powers probably isn’t a good thing.

Fans of Stephen King and horror in general will be dying (hopefully not literally) to add this 100% cotton, screen-printed shirt to their wardrobe.

The Carrie Dripping Blood T-Shirt is available for $19.88-$21.88 at

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