Cardboard Home Cinema

Cardboard Home Cinema

If you want to experience the movie theater without actually going to a movie theater, the Cardboard Home Cinema is the cardboard box with a hole cut out of it that you’ve been looking for.

It’s a marvel of hi-tech technology, a shining moment in entertainment that will open up a whole new dimension of movie-watching for you.

Okay, seriously, it’s a big cardboard box with a big hole cut in it. It comes with interchangeable adapters (more cardboard or possibly styrofoam) that let you use various phones or tablets. It also comes with an optional audience insert (more cardboard) to really let you get that theater experience. It’s not entirely accurate because none of the little cardboard people move around to get in your way during a crucial moment in the movie.

Cardboard Home Cinema 2

Interested in getting it? I’m sorry for you… unless you’re getting it as a gag gift for a friend. In that case, you rock.

The Cardboard Home Cinema is available for $35.69 at

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