Canine Garden Topiaries

Canine Garden Topiaries

Pets aren’t for everyone. They require a lot of time and attention, and if you have a full-time job (and work overtime a lot), then you probably won’t be able to care for one sufficiently. But you can still let your love for pets and animals shine through with these Canine Garden Topiaries.

These moss sculptures are handmade and framed with 5/64″- to 5/32″-thick steel wire. To make sure they last through the seasons outdoors, they’re also coated with rust-resistant epoxy. The cool thing about these Canine Garden Topiaries is the attention to detail placed on them when they were made: each is actually sized accurately according to the breed it represents.

Garden Topiaries

These are the moss sculptures handmade from sturdy steel frames that replicate the distinct physical features of a selection of canine breeds. Ideal for year-round outdoor use, each frame is made from 5/64″- to 5/32″-thick steel wire, double-coated in a weather- and rust-resistant epoxy. Accurately sized according to the breed it represents (height measured from the shoulder), each topiary faithfully depicts recognizable body shapes, tail lengths, ears, and facial characteristics. Using the moss as a planting medium, each topiary can house annuals, perennials, cacti, or vegetables. Minor assembly.

The Canine Garden Topiaries

These Canine Garden Topiaries are available from Hammacher Schlemmer and are priced from $99.95 to $349.95, depending on the breed you want.

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