Bite Me Steak Branding Iron

Bite Me Steak Brand Gift Box Set

We’ve seen the BBQ Branding Iron that allows the grill master to personalize his/her steaks with pride. And now there’s another branding iron for chefs who are so confident that they’re willing to put imperative statements on their meats. Introducing the Bite Me Steak Branding Iron.

Usually the two words “bite me” used together are abrasive in context. But when “bite me” is branded onto a piece of meat, it’s not only humorous it’s also quirky, like something you’d expect out of “Alice in Wonderland.” But you won’t have to worry about shrinking or growing into a giant after devouring a bite me filet mignon. The only thing you ultimately risk is growing your belly.

Bite Me Steak Branding Iron

Features: Stainless steel steak brands, Available in cedar gift box, Wrapped in western bandana, Red lacquered handle with leather strap, Made in the USA, Special technical, high quality construction, Overall Dimensions: 4” H x 16” W x 4” D.

To make the biggest impression (pun intended), make sure you brand your steaks in front of your guests right before serving them. Maybe that tantalizing sizzling sound will manifest right after you hear the “moo.”

The Bite Me Steak Branding Iron comes in a rustic wooden gift box and includes a bandanna, so if you’re giving it as a gift it’s ready to go as is. Find it at Amazon for $33.65.

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