Batusi Batgirl Art Print

Batusi Batgirl Art Print

Barbara Gordon gets her groove on in the Batusi Batgirl Art Print, showing Batman that he’s not the only one who can get down with his bad bat self.

Fans of the classic Batman television series got to see the Caped Crusader lay down some serious moves but Batgirl never experienced the joy of doing the Batusi… until now.

Created by ArtistAbe, this 11″ x 17″ print features Barbara Gordon’s alter-ego striking the classic Batusi pose, although Batgirl seems to be expressing her opinion of the classic dance by sticking her tongue out.

Or maybe that bat raspberry is for you because you’ve been checking out the print but you haven’t joined her in doing the Batusi yourself yet. Way square, man.

The Batusi Batgirl Art Print is available for $20 at ArtistAbe’s Etsy store.

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