Batman The Joker Cat T-Shirt

Forget about Catwoman because the kitty on the Batman The Joker Cat T-Shirt is a real fatal feline.

Have you ever danced with a cat by the pale moonlight? The Clown Prince of Crime becomes the Cat Prince of Crime on this black 100% cotton tee that features a cat with the Joker’s iconic green hair and blood-red grin. The crime-committing kitty even has a gun that packs a real ‘bang.’

Of course you know the only thing capable of stopping a Joker cat from causing mischief is the batty feline hero featured on the Batman Bat Cat T-Shirt.

Available for $16.72 at Hot Topic.

The joke’s on you if you don’t use to set price alerts for discount pricing on the Batman The Joker Cat T-Shirt.

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