Silverlit V-Beat AirDrums

V-Beat AirDrums

The Silverlit company has come up with a clever solution for anyone who wants to lay down some rhythms, but has no room for a drum kit. With different sound styles and pre-programmed rhythms as well as an instructive guided learning feature, these slick sticks […]

Silverlit iBird

iBird – Realistic R/C Bird

The iBird from Silverlit is described one of the “latest generation of R/C flyers”. It simulates the the flight of a bird using realistic flapping wing movements. Packed with state of the art technology, it’s one of the latest generation of RC flyers that provides […]

Rotating Home Theater

Home Theater with Rotating Floor

Time for another one of those amazing home theater creations. This one has a rotating floor which transforms the seating arrangement. Once inside, they can watch a movie complete with 7.1 surround sound. After one show ends, though, the homeowners can press a button for […]

Top Gun RC MicroFighter

Top Gun R/C MicroFighter

This radio controlled micro plane is made of PSP foam and equipped with an advanced digital throttle and directional control, allowing you to perform extreme loops and real-fighter style aerobatics. With the massive levels of thrust offered by it’s twin engine design, advanced take-offs and […]