10 Fun and Weird Doorstops


If you are going to use a doorstop to keep your door open or shut, why not take the opportunity to use one that is also a joy to the eye?

Featured below are 10 doorstops that stands out from the crowd.

Devil Ghost Silicone Doorstop

Devil Ghost Silicone Doorstop ($6)

Designed by Alan Lau and Kikkerland Design. Made of silicone.

Swiss Cheese Doorstop

Swiss Cheese Doorstop ($10) *

Practical and fun stopper that will grip to all household carpets and floors.

Crazy Cat Doorstops

Crazy Cat Doorstops ($20)

Wild cats with bells. Size approx. 27 x 10 cm. Weight approx. 1 kg.

James the Doorman

James the Doorman ($24) *

Made of natural rubber. Height 19 cm, Width 11 cm, Depth 4 cm.

Doggy Doorstop

Doggy Doorstop ($10)

Let a dog hold the door open when you can’t. Length 20 cm, Height 10 cm.

Banana Stopper

Banana Stopper ($28)

Made of silicone. Height 19 cm, Width 15 cm, Depth 5 cm.

Foot in the Door

Foot in the Door ($12)

Stiletto stopper made from soft rubber. Size: 16 x 13 x 5 cm.

Crucifix Doorstop

Crucifix Doorstop ($17)

Wooden crucifix that measures 10,5 x 19 cm.

Wicked Witch Doorstopper

Wicked Witch Doorstopper ($8)

Hand painted striped stockings and ruby slippers. W 5 cm, H 10 cm, D 8 cm.

Tube Doorstop

Tube Doorstop ($29)

Made of soft silicone and sold in sets of two. Length 10 cm.


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  1. They’re great! I was actually looking for a custom-made door stop from fabric I’ve already got, I ordered two in the past from doorstoppa but they said they’ve closed down 🙁 anyone reading this know of anywhere?

    thx, James.

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