Zombie Chomper Bra And Hot Pants Lingerie

Zombie Chomper Bra And Hot Pants Set

You’ve seen and heard of the regular fetishes: Foot, Leather, Shoes, Hair, etc. And I’m sure some of you are still making good use of those 12 Super Sexy Halloween Costumes even though the time for trick or treating has come and gone. And what about that Star Trek Kirk Tunic and Star Trek TriCut Dress? All are sure to be serving some purpose, fetish or not.

But what about zombies? The apocalypse is coming and we will need to learn how to become “friendly” with our undead flesh eating foes if we want to survive, but how far are you willing to take it? The Zombie Chomper Bra And Hot Pants Set could serve as the perfect nighttime outfit for zombie fans or for those of us that feel the need to get into character in preparation for the real thing. Made by Iron Fist, this bra and panty set is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex.

Iron Fist Zombie Chomper Bra And Hot Pants Set

Designed to look like a zombie face, complete with eyes and mouth, this outfit could have drastically different results depending on the current company. Available at Hot Topic for $29.50, this Iron Fist Zombie Chomper Bra And Hot Pants Set is sure to go fast.

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