Zombie Back Scratcher

Zombie Back Scratcher

These Zombie Back Scratchers make me think of those scenes in horror flicks where a zombie or some sort of monster creeps up to the person unknowingly and acts like a person. You know, like when the main character asks for the popcorn, a zombie passes it on, and the protagonist is clueless for a while before doing a double take and screaming his head off.

Well, you won’t be screaming at all if you’re scratching your back with the Zombie Back Scratcher, although I can guarantee you that many people will be giving you a double take when they spot you using it.

Zombie Back Scratcher

Zombie Back Scratcher

  • Back scratcher shaped like the undead Zombie hand
  • Exquisite level of gory details – Handcrafted by local indie artist
  • Material: tough urethane resin
  • Unique: no two are exactly alike – paint details may vary as these are hand painted.
  • Size: 3″W x 15″L x 2″D (7.5 cm x 38 cm x 5 cm)

The Zombie Back Scratcher is available from Neatoshop for $24.95.

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  1. I’m really ITCHING to get this! You probably don’t like my bad zombie puns, but don’t go inSHANE. SeriousLEE, dont lose your head. It’s not my fault that this is so delightfully GRIMEy.

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