Y-Fork Slingshot

Y-Fork Pocket Slingshot

Remember the slingshots you used to make using string or a rubber band on a tree branch? Times have changed, most noticeably when it comes to slingshot with the coming of the high-tech and modern-looking Y-Fork Slingshot.

This is no ordinary slingshot. The Y-Fork Slingshot is strong and sturdy, and will let you fling some pretty heavy ammunition that can do some serious damage. That said, I wouldn’t recommend that parents give their children one of these because they could hurt themselves or other kids easily…unless of course they are part taking part in the Hunger Games?

Y-Fork Slingshot

The Y-Fork Slingshot is suitable to take with you for hunting trips and for target practice. The Y-Fork Slingshot is available from Montie Gear for $99.95.

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2 Responses to “Y-Fork Slingshot”

  1. $99.95 for a 550 cord wrapped plastic SLINGSHOT? Have these people lost their freakin’ minds? For that kind of money it better be made of titanium and come with a bag of semi-precious stones for ammo. I can go on Amazon.com and snag an excellent stabilized Barnett slingshot for under $20. Please.

  2. Nicholas Pennington Reply April 23, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    It’s not plastic, the frame is waterjet cut from 1/2″ thick aluminum plate.

    Go to their website and read the description of what it is: http://www.montiegear.com/modules/shop/products/slingshot/slingshot~2C_y-fork.html

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