Wet Circuits Safe Power Strip

Wet Circuits Safe Power Strip

Although it looks like an ordinary power strip, the Wet Circuits Safe Power Strip is quite remarkable. It is the world’s first and only water resistant power strip, and is able to safely withstand rain, snow, wet hands, and water spills while continuing to function as normal. As the picture above shows, even when a metal object is inserted in one of the outlets, while the whole strips is being covered with water, the other outlets continue to supply electricity as normal.

People get hurt by power accidents each year. Kids can get electrical shocks by inserting items into outlets, short circuits can cause fires, and rain/spills can cause serious problems. With the Wet Circuits Safe Power Strip, those problems are solved. Plus the Wet Circuits power strip is energy efficient and designed to last much longer than regular power strips.

Wet Circuits Safe Power Strip

  • Patented water-resistant design and protective materials allow for continued indoor/outdoor use when faced with rain, snow, or an accidental coffee spill
  • “Touch Protection” feature makes Wet Circuits completely children and animal safe – sticking tweezers or other foreign objects in the outlet won’t cause electric shock
  • Energy efficient design eliminates vampire power – energy is not wasted on unused outlets unless proper plug is 100% inserted into Power Strip
  • Promises four times the lifespan of normal power strips
  • Smart fuse and circuit breaker can sense excess overheating (231-249º F) and discontinue any electric charge to prevent residential fires

The Wet Circuits Safe Power Strip can be ordered online at WetCircuits.com for $70.

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