The Original Beard Hat

Original Beard Hat

I have this adorable little nephew who just can’t wait to grow up to be “just like his dad,” and that’s in his very own words. I’m not sure if he meant it personality wise though; because the next thing I knew, he was scrambling to the bathroom with one of my sister’s eyeliners in his hand and scribbling a dark mustache and beard all over his young face. Turns out he wanted to be like his dad on the outside–with a beard. Needless to say, it took a while before we got all the dark marks off of his face and by the time we were done, my sister pledged to get her son of the Original Beard Hats¬†instead.

The Original Beard Hat is a fun piece of headgear that comes with a Chuck Norris-like beard. You can also stow it away in case you feel like going for a clean and shaven look. I mean, it’s definitely going to give you a much tamer beard than the I’m a Man Beard and a more realistic one compared to the Inflatable Beard.

The Original Beard Hat

The Original Beard Hat

Unlike do-it-yourself beards, the Beardo Beard Hat is always guaranteed to be full, perfectly coiffed, and super soft. It is made from 100% acrylic yarn, which means no itching and no scratching. With an adjustment range of 5.5 inches, Beardo will fit any size face. The foldaway design allows you to store the detachable beard inside the hat for when you desire a clean-shaven look.

  • Never itchy or scratchy
  • Detachable beard is easily stored inside the hat
  • One size fits all (5.5″ beard adjustment range)
  • Hand knit pattern

The Original Beard Hat is available from Vat19 for $32.99.

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