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Chill Baby Like It Pacifier

Like It Baby Pacifier

This Like It Baby Pacifier makes sure that everyone knows that your baby likes it. Or maybe it lets everyone know that you like your baby. Either way, it is a like…or flip it over to show your dislike. It’s the next best thing to liking your baby on [...]

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Pacifier Bottle Opener

Maybe you want to remind yourself that you have a child. Maybe you want to drop the hint to others that you are expecting a baby. Whatever the reason you choose this bottle opener, you will be opening bottles in style. The Pacifier Bottle Opener will pacify you by [...]

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Glow in the Dark Skull Pacifier

Bad Boy Glow in the Dark Skull Pacifier

Who’s a bad boy…or bad girl? If you’re not sure, then this Bad Boy Glow in the Dark Skull Pacifier should help clarify. Designed for the infant, or random adult, that needs more than just an everyday pacifier, this bad boy pacifier glows in the dark [...]

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Mustache Pacifier

Chill, Baby Mustache Pacifier

It would be pretty tough (some would say cruel) to stick an adhesive mustache on a baby and expect it to stay put. But if you stick a Chill, Baby Mustache Pacifier in your baby’s mouth, he will more than gladly sport a ‘stache. And DCFS won’t come [...]

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Lil' Vampire Pacifier

Lil’ Vampire Pacifier

Regarding the “Twilight” saga, you probably imagined that Bella’s and Edward’s daughter Renesmee had some serious fangage on her as you were reading the book. Was it “Breaking Dawn?” (This is before you saw the movie and she turned [...]

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