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The iTornado is a clever and useful little USB device that was displayed at CES 2008 last week and at the MacWorld Expo this week. [...]

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Computer Screen Protection Coverzzz

The Tucano pyjama-style protection covers does not only make your screen look great when it’s “asleep”, it will also protect it against dust, sunshine etc. Tucano PJ Mac Screen Protection Cover for Apple Mac G5 17″ ($20) Tucano PC JAM Screen Protection Covers for 17″ PC [...]

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Color Up Your iPhone

ColorWare has now extended their Mac computer and iPod paint job service to also include the iPhone. There’s a wide variety of color options to choose from. If you send in your phone to get it colored up, they will charge you $150. There’s alos the option to buy a new painted iPhone directly [...]

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PowerBook Earrings

Power Earrings (Flickr) – “sloober” has made a pair of wonderful Mac earrings. I took the power buttons from 2 old Powerbook top cases. Drilled a little hole in the tab, and made a cool pair of earrings! [...]

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Mac On/Off Laptop Bag

Laptop Tasche On / Off ($106) is a nice looking laptop bag available at the German Cubeseven website. It’s made out of grey felt and has the sign of the On/Off switch for Mac laptops in yellow all over the side. (Via Mike [...]

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