Superman Clothing Hanger

Superman Hanger

This awesome Superman Hanger is designed by Roman Ficek and available at ComuniStar – a Slovakian company that creates unique contemporary designer furniture and interior accessories. “Call for pricing”.

(Via Retro to Go & Notcot)

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Robert Birming

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8 Responses to “Superman Clothing Hanger”

  1. I think Notcot missed the via Retro To Go bit – we found and posted it a good day before they did!

  2. Thanks David!

    I would’ve noticed if it wasn’t due to the fact that I read my feeds from A to Z. 🙂
    I’m always checking RTG every day and love the stuff you post.

    Great find BTW, I love the hanger.

    The entry is now updated with the original link.

  3. I love this hanger it really is unique as can be. I love superman but I mean come on, who doesn’t. I have even more superman loving friends that batman lovers and they will surely love this too!

  4. Happy to hear you enjoy the Superman hanger, Stephanie.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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