Star Wars Tie Fighter Webcam

Star Wars Tie Fighter Webcam

Remember those cool Tie Fighter Speakers from last year? Soon you will be able to match them up with a web camera shaped like the Twin Ion Engine Star Wars craft.

The webcam features a built-in microphone, and when you plug it in to your computer’s USB port, two red LEDs located in the front will light up. The cam will also play you sound effects taken from the Star Wars movies.

Star Wars Tie Fighter Webcam

The Tie Fighter Webcam from Wesco, due to be released on October 30, can now be pre-ordered from for £17.99 ($33) or from Forbidden Planet for £22.99 ($43).

(Via technabob)

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6 Responses to “Star Wars Tie Fighter Webcam”

  1. Pethra på Inredningsbloggen Reply August 15, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    Ha! Reminds me to say that a new season of Stargate Atlantis starts beginning of september. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips, Pethra! 🙂

  3. Next step the Millenium Falcon USB mouse 😀

  4. True Séverin, that would be awesome! 🙂

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