Star Wars Scanimation Book

Star Wars Scanimation Book

Are you looking for an affordable gift idea for that Star Wars fan in your life to hold them over until Christmas? The Star Wars Scanimation Book is perfect and will provide kids and adults with a fun visual experience. For those of you that don’t like to read, this is your type of book. It only features images and they seem to magically come to life as you flip the page.

Watch 11 of the greatest scenes from the Star Wars Saga as they reenact on the page in front of you. The Millennium Falcon zooming away from the exploding Death Star, Darth Maul and Obi-Wan battle, Yoda twirling his lightsaber, Luke riding his Tauntaun, and many other great scenes all without electricity or the internet.

Scanimation Star Wars Book

Scanimation is the evolution of the Cracker Jack prizes of yore: it uses scrambled artwork overlaid with a striped clear sheet. When you open to the new page, the image moves right before your eyes! (Does it move when you’re not looking? If a banana falls in the forest and a monkey isn’t there to catch it, does it cry?)

This cool Star Wars Scanimation Book is only $14.95 at

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