Star Wars MP3 Player Alarm Clock

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Star Wars i-Twin MP3 Player/Alarm Clock

This I-Twin “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” themed alarm clock allows you to plug in an iPod, or just about any other MP3 player, directly into the clock to have it play the tracks you have stored on your music device.

The Cradle System provides a nook to simply simply slide the MP3 player in place. Music plays from the 2 Ultra Loud speakers and the clock has a light-up LCD time display. Time, Alarm and Snooze functions are included as well as fun graphics from the new animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


  • iPod / MP3 Speaker and Cradle System
  • Light Up LCD Time Display
  • Time, Alarm and Snooze and laser cut graphics
  • 2 Ultra Loud Speakers

The Star Wars: The Clone Wars I-Twin MP3 Player/Alarm Clock is available from the official Star Wars Shop for $19.99.

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7 Responses to “Star Wars MP3 Player Alarm Clock”

  1. star wars sound effects included?

  2. I’m afraid not. You will need to have the Star Wars sound effects on your MP3 player to be able to have the alarm clock playing them.

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