The Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Plush Toys

The Simpsons Itchy and Scratchy Plush Toys

With these Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Plush Toys, you can play with the characters from everyone’s favorite show within a show. These cute plush renditions of Itchy (the mouse) and Scratchy (the cat) stand about 7 inches tall.

Simpsons Itchy Plush

  • They fight they fight, they soft soft soft!
  • The mouse with plenty of tricks up his jacket!
  • Master escape artist!

Simpsons Scratchy Plush

  • They fight they fight, they soft soft soft!
  • The cat with more than 9 lives!
  • Scratchy always comes back for more!

Pre-order the Simpsons Itchy Plush and the Simpsons Scratchy Plush for $11.99 each at Entertainment Earth. They are expected to ship in November 2011. They also have Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, and Krusty the Klown available to pre-order.

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