Red Hot Chilli Gummy Candies

Red Hot Chilli Gummy Candy

People who enjoy bringing the heat when it comes to food and drink are already enjoying the 100,000 Scovilles Chilli Vodka and Evil Hot Gummy Bears, and now you can add another tasty jelly to your party collection.

The Red Hot Chilli Gummy Candies have the consistency of gummy bears or other jellies, but pack some serious heat. Let the little red chilli design serve as a warning, these aren’t for the weak.

Red Hot Chilli Jellies

Pop one in and chew for a second and you’ll be wondering what the fuss is about. Chew on, traveller – you’re about to leave for chillitown, and there’s plenty more miles to go once you’re there. With a kick like a mule that’s been masticating on jalapenos all summer long, these have all the oomph that even the most seasoned of chilli fanatics can deal with. One at a time is adequate – two in the mouth at once sends an alarm direct to the local fire station that says ‘man the engines, and bring your shades.’ Three at once? The consequences could be devastating.

The Red Hot Chilli Gummy Candies are available at for about $11 or €8.79. You can also pick them up at for £6.99.

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