Pocket Cinema Projects 50-Inch Picture

Pocket Cinema

This pocket-friendly device, no more than 12.5cm (4.9in.) in length, features a built-in stereo speaker and it is capable of projecting a 50 inches wide image onto your wall.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, the Pocket Cinema uses a high powered LED to fling images wallwards (yes, we made that word up). We’re not talking plasma quality – and like all projectors image quality diminishes with distance – but dim the lights and it’s just like being at the flicks.

Pocket Cinema

As well as its ability to free the pics and vids in virtually any device, the Pocket Cinema can also play directly from its 1GB internal memory or built-in card reader. Simply pop in a card and Barry Norman’s your uncle. We’ll even chuck in a remote control.

The Pocket Cinema is available from Firebox.com for £299.95 (about $523 USD).

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  1. Yes,you are right this gadget is very cool and helpful can be carry in pocket even in hand and having good memory but alos expensive.

  2. very very very exp

  3. Insightful. I like this. Will try to see whether the information provided herein is useful or not by the specific outcome after putting into use in real world practice. Thanks.

  4. how much power does the bulb have? Does it need to be absolutely dark for the picture to be clear?

  5. I don’t know, but I’m sure the retailers of the Pocket Cinema mini projector will be able to answer your questions (link included in the article).

    Thank you all for stopping by!


  7. please post more english film


  8. cool gadgets

  9. You said it has “a built in stereo speaker.” How can it be stereo if there is only one speaker?

  10. Cool gadgets thanks 🙂

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