Melted LEGO Lamp

Melted LEGO Lamp

No matter what you do decide to create with those colorful plastic LEGO building bricks, it always looks cool – even if they melt.

This awesome lampshade, picked as one of Craftster’s best of of 2007 projects, was created by baking the LEGO bricks in a round cake pan in the oven.

(Via Crafty Crafty)

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Robert Birming

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13 Responses to “Melted LEGO Lamp”

  1. That is just too awesome for words!

  2. I agree Fuzzy, it sure looks amazing!

  3. how its look when its on? couze outside its look pretty…. shitty!:/

  4. OMFG! That is the most disgusting thing I have EVER seen!!

  5. Shame on the Lego bricks. Give them to a kid instead. A kid who can play with them and have fun. You dont need another lamp that looks like multicolor vomit anyway. I vote no.

  6. It’s wonderfull.
    I love lego, i’m grow with lego, and i like it.
    If you know, how much is it?
    I love an other lamp like lego, do you know KREATON?
    good idea e good product.
    Bye bye

  7. i agree with meh

  8. For Lawrance – Meh
    Brandon i agree with you!!!
    Kreaton – kreaton

  9. wow what a wast of legos

  10. Wow, somebody’s kid is crying over mom’s new idea …
    Seriously, it looks horrible and I add my voice to the ‘what a waste of legos’ chorus.

  11. It woulda looked cooler to build the lamp out of UN-melted legos!

  12. you actually saved child’s life 😀
    lego bricks can choke child if he or she eat it.

  13. I LOVE IT! I WANT IT! I want to make one with only colored transparent legos. I feel inspired!! I wonder what other things I can do with melted legos….

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