iRetroPhone – Rotary Dial Phone App for iPhone


The iRetroPhone for Apple’s iPhone is fun application that uses realistic sound effects and animations to simulate an old rotary dial phone.

Here’s a video demonstration of the iRetroPhone:

The iRetroPhone will soon be available in the iPhone App Store.

(Unpluggd via Dvice)

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3 Responses to “iRetroPhone – Rotary Dial Phone App for iPhone”

  1. Lol very cool. I realize this is an old post but I just thought this would be a fun app, searched for it and found your site. I’m definitely getting this app!

  2. Nice, but I’d rather use a real rotary phone.

  3. That’s a pretty poor attempt at a rotary phone… the spin back needs to be longer / shorter depending on the number dialed. That’s kinda how it works 🙂

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