iPod Nano TV

iPod Nano TV

This new retro inspired television set will turn your 3rd generation iPod Nano into a TV – giving you a fun way to increase the screen size and volume of your Apple player.

This mini TV-set enhances the Nano’s video feature by magnifying its screen up to 2.8 inches and playing the sound through speakers.

Styled like a combo TV and VCR, a Nano TV and iPod Nano together offer the same kind of functionality that an old-school TV combo used to. Even more, in fact, as the Nano can store far more video that could be recorded on a bulky old video tape!

Its light weight and compact size also means that the Nano TV is ideal for flights or to take with you when travelling too.

The iPod Nano 3G TV will soon be available from the Thumbs Up UK website. The suggested retail price has been set to £14.99 (about $23 USD).

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  1. Kinda ironic, dontcha think?

    A gadget to increase the size of a gadget which decreased the size of a gadget which keeps getting bigger and further away from old and soon-to-be-obsolete technology.


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