iPhone and iPod Emergency Charger

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Yes, it’s another one of those backup batteries that will save your day when the battery for your cell phone or audio player is flat. This new model works with iPhone and iPod.

This compact, lightweight emergency charger with retractable cable uses “AA” batteries to power the Apple iPhone and iPod anytime, anywhere.

The iPhone 2G / 3G / iPod Emergency Charger is yours for $10 from Mobile Brando.

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5 Responses to “iPhone and iPod Emergency Charger”

  1. Gotta say, found another one of these this AM and I prefer it. Not only does it charge via AA, but you can plug it in and recharge the AAs.

  2. Happy to hear you enjoyed the “iPhone and iPod Emergency Charger”.

    Thank you all for stopping by!

  3. it is a cool device for trip

  4. It is cool gadget. If I have iPhone, I must buy it because it is very useful.

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