Giant Inflatable Frankenstein Monster Head

Giant Inflatable Frankenstein Monster Head

While nothing can compare to a creative homemade costume or an elaborate theatrical quality costume, sometimes you just want something that is fast, easy, and cheap like this Giant Inflatable Frankenstein Monster Head. It isn’t just an option for men either, as women can get the inflatable Bride of Frankenstein head costume pictured below. (Get one of each for a couple’s costume.) Once inflated, it takes just two seconds to pop on your costume, and you can easily remove it and put it back on when necessary.

Yet even though these are super easy, they are a lot more entertaining than most other basic costumes. Something about wearing a giant inflatable on your head is just fun! Plus with these you will stand out and be noticed, since they are over two feet tall. This is unlike with most other no-fuss costumes (like costume tees) ,where people can’t distinguish you from the crowd.

Giant Inflatable Bride of Frankenstein Head

Giant Inflatable (Bride of) Frankenstein Head

  • Blow-up headware
  • One-size fits all
  • Inflate/deflate to adjust fit
  • Size: over 2 feet tall (80 cm)

Order the Giant Inflatable Frankenstein Head for only $9.99 at or the  Giant Inflatable Bride of Frankenstein Head for only $9.99 at Also available at Neatoshop.

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