Galaxy – New Tokyoflash Watch

Tokyoflash Galaxy Watch

Tokyoflash has announced yet another stylish timepiece in their steadily growing stream of hard-to-read-but-nice-to-look-at watches.

Galaxy, as this latest model is called, features a “powerful formation of multi-colored light bars, developed using digital tube technology”.

Housed in a sleek, newly designed polished silver case and finished with a custom linked, brushed silver strap with polished detail, this design offers you the chance to wear a fashion statement, unlikely to be seen anywhere else on the planet.

Tokyoflash Galaxy Watch

And here’s how you read the time:

The cryptic looking display is deceptively easy to read; one touch of the upper button initiates a programmed animation of light, and then presents the time. Twelve yellow bars represent hours in a clock wise direction, eleven red bars represent groups of five minutes and four green bars show single minutes. Pressing the lower button presents the time immediately.

The new Galaxy watch is available from the Tokyoflash website for ¥13,900 (about $132 USD) with free shipping.

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5 Responses to “Galaxy – New Tokyoflash Watch”

  1. Well, at least these gadgets would give my brain a workout each time I tried to figure out what time it was.

  2. Yes, that’s true. The Tokyoflash watches are good at that. 🙂

  3. I also found it online here if you want it straight from Japan…

  4. Thanks for the tips, Kip!

  5. Tokyo always has the coolest watches. Not bad on price either.

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