Footed Bowl

Footed Bowl

Does your bowl have a foot? Or rather, feet? If you’re using the Footed Bowl, then the answer to those questions would have to be a big, resounding yes. But don’t worry, this stoneware bowl won’t walk away from you on the dining table as you’re drinking your soup or eating your breakfast.

The Footed Bowl might not be the easiest thing to wash, but it’s definitely a sight for the eyes. Plus it might get your child (or you!) more interested in the grub you’ve got to chow down for your meal.

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Footed Bowl

Dylan Kendall gives her stoneware a leg (or two) to stand on! In her broad-bellied pieces, whimsical design meets clean-lined minimalism to remind us that play is not just for kids. The tummy of her generous bowl is perfect for holding your morning cereal, pasta or soup. This adorable anthropomorphic piece brings imagination and entertainment to the table.

The Footed Bowl is available from Uncommon Goods for $36.

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  1. How big is this footed bowl. How many cups of liquid does it hold. Is it for individual servings, or the size of a serving dish. I am interested in one that would serve an individual bowl of soup.

  2. Just to let you guys know it’s available in UK/Europe from Uberstar

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