Flexible Silicone USB Numpad

Flexible Silicone USB Numpad

Maybe you remember the Flexible Keyboard with Skype Phone and USB Hub that was released back in January. Now you can also get a separate numeric keypad in the same style, made of the same kind of rubberlike material.

Numeric keyboard made of soft but extremely durable silicon rubber. Standard sized numeric and navigation keypad made for accountants, bookkeepers, or keyboard warriors who need a reliable computer numeric keypad that will not wear out or fade like a normal keyboard.

With raised, responsive keys that are soft on the fingers, this is a joy for anyone whose hands hurt after a long day of typing. Simply plug it into one of your computers USB slots and place it on any flat surface and you are ready to start typing away. Great for travelers, this keypad is durable and can withstand spills and other types of usual and unusual abuse.

Flexible Silicone USB Numpad


  • Keys: 33 total
  • Spillproof keys
  • Mildew resistant
  • Surface washable
  • Construction: Silicon rubber
  • Plug and play with Windows 98SE and later
  • Power Source: USB – built-in extendable USB cable
  • Dimension: 158mm x 131mm x 9mm (L x W x H)

The Silicone Numeric Keypad is available from Chinavision for 5 EUR (about $7 USD).

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