Flashlight with Ultrasonic Mosquito Eliminator

Flashlight with Ultrasonic Mosquito Eliminator

Flashlights with ultrasonic mosquito eliminators, we have seen these kind of products in the past The big question is: do they really work?


  • Ultrasonic Repeller, drive away Mosquito
  • Mosquito or Dragonfly repeller
  • Torch or Flash light mode
  • Used in: Home and apartment, Outlet, Farm, etc.
  • AAA battery x 4 pcs

If you feel like giving it a try, this version of the Flashlight with Ultrasonic Mosquito Eliminator can be purchased from Gadget Brando for $22.

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  1. how could we get these products over here in india? we have no such products available in indian market…

    pls help me to get one like this…


    ayan samanta

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