Domo Kun Fuzzy Glasses

Domo Kun Fuzzy Glasses

Summertime is all about the beach, tanning, and trying to outdo your friends with crazy sunglasses. Sure GeekAlerts has shown you some pretty cool pairs in the past like the 8-Bit Sunglasses, Sun-Staches Sunglasses and cute Hello Kitty Sunglasses, but these Domo Kun Fuzzy Glasses are perfect for the beach and any 70s themed parties you may wonder upon.

Designed after our favorite egg-hatched monster, these sunglasses feature red tinted lenses with a fuzzy textured image of Domo’s mug. I’m not sure what kind of UV protection they offer, so you might want to refrain from doing anything crazy like staring at the Sun.

Domo Kun Fuzzy Face Glasses

Don some really wild glasses with this Domo Kun glasses set with a fuzzy textured front! The Domo Kun Fuzzy Glasses are brown with red tinted lenses lined with the sharp white teeth of the Japanese character Domo-kun. Two black beady eyes top each lens, and guaranteed to get lots of attention when you wear them around town!

  • Fuzzy Textured Front
  • Red Tinted Lenses
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 3 x 1 Inches

You can purchase the Domo Kun Fuzzy Glasses at for $11.99.

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