Doctor Who T-Shirt Costumes

Doctor Who T-Shirt Costumes

Most geeks love t-shirts, preferring comfort over style. Some even choose to wear a Tuxedo T-Shirt to black tie events. Now with these Doctor Who T-Shirt Costumes, you can make a fashion statement and still be completely comfortable. They would work great as an easy Halloween costume too; one that you could put on as quick as putting on a t-shirt and wear comfortably all day at school, work, or even a party.

Doctor Who T-Shirt Costumes currently come in four different versions.

  • 4th Doctor – Snappy outfit that consisting of waistcoat, frock coat, wide-brimmed hat and, most famously, his amazing multicoloured scarf
  • 5th Doctor – Cream-colored frock coat, cricket jumper and iconic question mark lapels
  • 6th Doctor – Patchwork coat, cat pin and iconic question mark lapels
  • 7th Doctor – Whimsical wonderful waistcoat

The Fourth Doctor Costume T-Shirt and Fifth Doctor Costume T-Shirt are available for £15.99 exclusively at The Sixth Doctor Costume T-Shirt and Seventh Doctor Costume T-Shirt are available to pre-order for £16.99 exclusively at They are expected to be in stock on April 22, 2011.

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