Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny

Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny

Every year creates some fake products for April Fool’s Day, such as the Apple Store Playset and Lightsaber Popsicles from this year. Sometimes these gags are turned into real products, like the iCade, which was a prank item last year, but will be out soon as a real product. Such is the case with the Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny, which was previously an April Fool’s Day gag.

The Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny is 7.25″ tall, weighs in a 8 ounces, and is made out of solid white chocolate. Thousands of ThinkGeek customer voted for this April Fool’s Day gag to become real, and now it is here.

Chocolate Zombie Bunny

Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny

  • Zombie bunny made of solid white chocolate
  • April Fools product turned real!
  • No ordinary rabbit
  • May or may not infect you with a zombie virus
  • Not a silly little bleeder that will nibble your bum
  • Really, this is 8 ounces of vicious, delicious white chocolate

Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny

Make your Easter Holiday more exciting, and order the Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny for $14.99 at

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  1. 15 bucks for some chocolate and food coloring? That’s… kinda expensive, isn’t it?

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