5-Pound Bag of Haribo Techno Gummi Bears

Haribo Gummi Candy Techno Bears

If you love gummies in a big way, any of the gigantic gummies we’ve previously shown you would certainly hit the spot. Remember the Giant Gummy Bunny, the 5-lb. World’s Largest Gummy Bear, or the 7-pounder Giant Gummi Brain? We’ve only just scratched the gummy surface. If you prefer eating little gummies in large quantities, then you’ve got to get the 5-pound bag. Take a slight risk and try the iridescent gummies that come in the 5-Pound Bag of Haribo Techno Gummi Bears.

German confectioner Haribo is renowned for making some of the finest gummies in the world. They understand that to gummy candy fans, texture is paramount. But Haribo also likes to have fun too and create different gummy shapes and flavors. Techno gummi bears still hold the textural integrity of normal gummi bears, but with their sheen they’re ready to hit the clubs of Vegas. Apparently, these techno bears have a pleasant, tangy twist. Yum!

5-Pound Bag of Haribo Techno Gummi Bears

Haribo Techno Gummi Bears

  • One 5-pound bag
  • Rainbow-colored gummy bears with metallic shimmer
  • Fat-free
  • Haribo Gummi Candy bag holds 5 pounds each
  • Considered as an International Favorite
  • Containing approximately 665 pieces

Try the 5-Pound Bag of Haribo Techno Gummi Bears and see what you think. It’s $14.44 to $16.00 at Amazon.com. That works out to about 2 cents per bear!

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