Toepener Hands-Free Door Opener

Toepener Hands-Free Door Opener

Door knobs are germy. It’s just a fact of life. Especially bathroom doors in public places, where you know a lot of people are not washing their hands. What will save us from this plight? The Toepener, that’s what.

It will allow you to get in and out of places without having to use your hands and get extra germy. If every public restroom door had one of these, we might just be a much healthier nation. I’m sure we would catch colds much less. At the very least we would all breath a sigh of relief, knowing that we are living just a bit cleaner.

The Toepener was designed by Forge, LLC, which is a group of University of Minnesota‚Äôs Carlson School of Management students. It’s simple, easy and effective. You can purchase the Toepener for just $49.95 from


  1. I’m guessing they got the idea from the ones installed in the bathrooms in both Bulldog NE in Minneapolis and Cooper’s in St. Louis Park. Both have had those for quite a number of years.

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