Marvel Gallery X-23 Statue

The Marvel Gallery X-23 Statue shows off Laura Kinney’s new-yet-familiar look, but don’t call her Lady Wolverine unless you want a face full of SNIKT! Laura Kinney entered the Marvel universe as nothing more than a letter and a number: X-23. She’s come a long […]


Logan The Final Act Art Print

The past and future Wolverines bare their claws on the Logan The Final Act Art Print. Logan and Laura. Wolverine and X-23. The former X-Man and his young clone don’t get a chance to spend much time together but the two are an awesome fighting […]


All-New Wolverine No 16 T-Shirt

Laura Kinney AKA X-23 AKA Wolverine gets her Weapon X groove on with this All-New Wolverine No 16 T-Shirt. A new addition to WeLoveFine’s Comic Cover T-Shirt Program, this 100% cotton tee features the cover art for All-New Wolverine No. 16, created by penciller Nik […]


Logan X-23 iPhone Case

Give your phone a little adamantium action with the Logan X-23 iPhone Case. You’ll be stylin’ like a Wolverine with this slim-fitting one-piece clip-on case that features Dafne Keen’s Laura/X-23 from the movie, Logan. Wearing her rainbow shirt and oh-so-cool shades, a claw-baring, blood-splattered Laura […]


Wolverine Enamel Pin Set

Logan and a few of his pals want to get stuck on you with the Wolverine Enamel Pin Set. Colorful and eye-catching, these enamel pins will show your stylish allegiance to the X-Men. The 4-pin set includes Wolverine in his classic yellow and blue costume, […]