VooMote Zapper

VooMote Zapper

January 31, 2012 James Kelly 0

Do remember VooMote and their nifty VooMote One iPhone Universal Remote? Well, VooMote is back with another innovative product that is perfect for the TV watcher in your family. The VooMote Zapper turns your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad into a handy universal remote. The […]

VooMote One iPhone & iPod Remote Case

VooMote One iPhone Remote Updated & On Sale

November 24, 2011 James Kelly 1

This past summer GeekAlerts showed you a very cool and creative device, the VooMote One Remote. This is the remote that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into the perfect universal remote. Well with Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, GeekAlerts has an awesome […]

VooMote One iPhone Universal Remote

VooMote One iPhone & iPod Universal Remote

July 26, 2011 James Kelly 0

Two things we all love in life are technology and electronics.  Technology makes our lives easier and electronics do the same while adding an entertainment factor.  The VooMote One iPhone & iPod Universal Remote combines cutting edge technology with our favorite entertainment device to give […]