Transformers Victorian Soundwave T-Shirt

Megatron’s loyal right-hand ‘bot battles humans and Autobots like a sir on the Transformers Victorian Soundwave T-Shirt. In the modern world, the Autobots and Decepticons scanned everyday items so they could use their transforming ability to blend in with the world around them, with Soundwave […]

VaporSky Spectrum Decor

VaporSky Spectrum Decor

Do you ever wonder what sound looks like? No, I haven’t been smoking anything weird; just enjoying the awesome decorating potential of sound with the VaporSky Spectrum Decor. Artwork created from sound waves is about as unique as you can get when it comes to […]

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Transformers MP3 Player

The Soundwave Transformers robot, a high-level Decepticon who is specialized in communications, is now available as an MP3 player. The Transformers Music Label Soundwave ($99) plays the tracks from any microSD card and runs for approximately 6 hours on a single AAA battery. Choose between […]