Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt Shooting Game

Get ready for an amazing Ghost Hunt. I’m not talking about that fake stuff on reality TV. I’m talking about shooting ghosts with a laser gun. Sound good? You see that big ghost creature? Basically, he spits out other ghosts using infrared light and it […]

NERF Shoot to silence Alarm Clock

NERF Shoot to Snooze Alarm Clock

Make waking up for school or work a little more fun by adding morning target practice to your daily routine. No, I’m not talking about squeezing off a few rounds from your Compact AR-7 Rifle before coffee and donuts; I’m talking about blasting the NERF […]

Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target

Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target

Here you are, it’s 2012 and you’ve read the Zombie Survival Guide and Zombie Combat Manual and of course you’ve stocked up on supplies and weapons. So now you’re for the next challenge, time to start your target practice training with the Tactical Bleeding Zombie […]