Yoda Santa Hat

Yoda Santa Hat

We wish you an early very Jedi Christmas and what better way to celebrate then with this Yoda Santa Hat. It turns you into a pointy-eared Jedi Santa. This is what Christmas on Dagobah looks like. It’s made from plush material and is perfect for […]

Santa’s Glove Christmas Oven Mitt

Santa’s Glove Oven Mitt

With so many cool oven mitts to select from, why not get one to go with the current season? I mean, that’s not exactly something you can do with the Food Fighter Boxing Glove Oven Mitts, Pixel Oven Mitts, or Bandage Oven Gloves now can […]


Santa R/C Micro Helicopter

For some reason, the manufacturers of this radio-controlled indoor toy thought Santa was better suited in a helicopter, rather than the traditional sleigh and reindeer team. R/C flying Santa micro helicopter with a handheld 3-channel remote. This lightweight toy has a single fixed rotor and […]

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Weird Darth Vader Statue

I don’t know – after having seen Darth Vader in the shape of Christmas ornaments and a talking Christmas stocking, maybe a statue of Darth Vader wearing a Santa’s hat while creating a Death Star snow sculpture is just the next logical step.