Hot Topic Flash Sale

30% Off Hot Topic Flash Sale

Save big, one day only, with the 30% Off Hot Topic Flash Sale! You save up to 30% off everything, including clearance merchandise! If you don’t shop there yet, you need to check it out, as GeekAlerts has been finding a lot of awesome stuff […]

May 4th Star Wars Day

May the 4th Star Wars Sales

Today people celebrate “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th be with you), and this year there are many awesome May the 4th Star Wars Sales. We already told you about the great ThinkGeek Star Wars Sale, where you can save 80% off, and even picked […]

ThinkGeek Footwear Deals

ThinkGeek 70% Off Footwear Sale

Save on shoes and slippers at the ThinkGeek 70% Off Footwear Sale. There are 26 different styles on sale, and the savings are up to 70% off the regular price. There are Wonder Woman sneakers, Harry Potter plus slippers, R2-D2 flats, Night Sky LED light-up […]

ThinkGeek Women's Apparel Sale

ThinkGeek Women’s Apparel Sale

Find great deals on about 100 different items in the ThinkGeek Women’s Apparel Sale. Find discount t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, leggings, dresses, skirts, and shorts. Themes include Firefly, Pokemon, Harry Potter, D&D, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Thor, Fallout, Star Trek, Captain America, Wonder […]


ThinkGeek Pi Day Sale

Save 31.4% off of 314 different products during the ThinkGeek Pi Day Sale. Today is March 14, as in 3.14, or Pi Day as it is known to us geeks. There are a few Pi related products on sale, such as a Pi t-shirt, but […]

ThinkGeek Geeky Apparel Sale

70% Off ThinkGeek Geeky Apparel Sale

Save up to 70% off in the ThinkGeek Geeky Apparel Sale! This limited time sale features great discounts on nearly 100 different items including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, briefs, pajamas, pants, shorts, bath robes, and more. All your favorite themes are represented including Star […]