LED Outdoor Blossom Tree

LED Blossom Tree

June 7, 2012 Patra Beaulieu 1

Some geeks are better at keeping electronics alive compared to living objects such as plants. If this is you then you ought to have an LED Blossom Tree in your house that blooms all year long, instead of trying to raise a real tree that will eventually die from neglect. […]

Sceptre Luna Handheld Projector

Sceptre Luna Pocket Video Projector & MP3 Player

March 21, 2011 James Scott 1

Sceptre, the company well known for LCD televisions and computer monitors, today announced the launch of the Sceptre Luna Handheld Projector and MP3 Player. This handy pocket sized device allows you to listen to music, share photos, watch movies and display presentations. It can project […]