Star Trek Pixelated Cold Cup with Lid

June 18, 2015 Conner Flynn 0

Celebrate the voyages of the Enterprise and her crew with this Star Trek Pixelated Cold Cup with Lid and boldly quench your thirst. This cup with lid features the Enterprise and crew in pixelated form. This cup is perfect for all of your away missions […]


Pixelated Star Trek Glasses

April 3, 2015 Conner Flynn 0

Have a drink with the crew of the USS Enterprise with these Pixelated Star Trek Glasses. These glasses feature pixelated versions of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a Gorn. Each glass will hold 12 oz. of your favorite liquid. They are perfect for Romulan ale. If […]


Pixelated Sonic Pint Glass Set

March 20, 2014 Conner Flynn 0

Sonic fans will want to get a nice refreshing drink and drink it up using one of the glasses from this Pixelated Sonic Pint Glass Set. You get of 4 blue iridescent Sonic pint glasses with pixelated art. They look fantastic and retro and are […]

Pickaxe Bottle Opener

Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener

November 27, 2012 James Kelly 0

Minecraft went from a $10 download to something that can now be found in every Geek & Geekettes home in some form or fashion. GeekAlerts is a big fans of the game and merchandise; we’ve shown you cool items like the Minecraft Steve or Creeper […]

Star Wars Bounty Hunters Pixelated T-Shirt

Star Wars Bounty Hunters Pixelated T-Shirt

September 25, 2012 Conner Flynn 0

Some of your favorite Star Wars bounty hunters have been pixelated on this Star Wars Bounty Hunters Pixelated T-Shirt. Don’t worry, they still look tough as ever. It’s like seeing an Empire Strikes back scene through the eyes of an old school video game. This […]

Limited Edition Minecraft Pixelated Creeper Vinyl

Limited Edition Minecraft Pixelated Creeper Vinyl

April 2, 2012 Ryan Cooper 11

Remember that Minecraft Creeper Figure from a while back? Well now there is an even cooler version, the Limited Edition Minecraft Pixelated Creeper Vinyl. It is made of vinyl, stands about 6 inches tall, and features an articulated head. This pixelated creeper is a limited […]

8-Bit Tie

8-bit Tie

December 30, 2011 Hazel Chua 0

Because we’re living in a pixelated world, and I’m a pixelated girl/boy. Okay, so that’s one syllable too many to fit into Madonna’s hit song’s rhythm, but you’ll probably be singing along the same lines once you see the 8-Bit Hair Bow and 8-Bit Bow Ties. […]

8 Bit Bow Ties

8-Bit Bow Ties

December 10, 2011 Hazel Chua 1

If you’re a geeky guy who’s looking to the catch the eye of an equally geeky girl, then you might want to pin this 8-Bit Bow Tie on your shirt, if you know what’s good for you. Personally, I think it’s about time guys got […]