Elemental Silver Surfer T-Shirt

If you’re a comic book geek that also has a burning passion for the Periodic Table of Elements, the Elemental Silver Surfer T-Shirt features the superhero that’s been designed just for you. Forget about the bald guy that occasionally helps the Fantastic Four because this […]

Elements Puzzle

The Elements Puzzle

If you enjoy science and you find that you have some time on your hands this summer, maybe you’ll want to give The Elements Puzzle a shot. Featuring 1000 puzzle pieces, this jigsaw puzzle gives you a visual exploration of every known atom in the […]

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Give your kids an early taste of the wonderful world of science with the Mad Scientist Building Blocks or the Periodic Table Building Blocks. I mean, if you’re already wearing Periodic GeNiUS Shirt or the Father: The Noble Element T-Shirt and have the Periodic Table […]