Nick Fury Sixth-Scale Figure

The man who always has a plan explodes onto the scene like a dropped F-bomb as the Nick Fury Sixth-Scale Figure. He might not drop the ‘F’ word in the Marvel Universe but Samuel L. Jackson still brings the attitude as the man in charge, […]


LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier

Get ready to save the world… or take it over (Hail Hydra!) with the LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier. You’ll feel like Nick Fury with this awesome arsenal under your command. The incredible symbol of SHIELD’s power measures 11” (29cm) high, 31” (80cm) long and 17” (45cm) […]


Marvel Avengers Nesting Dolls

Avengers assemble! As in, assemble inside of each other. That’s what these Marvel Avengers Nesting Dolls are all about. Marvel’s Avengers are now nesting dolls and they look amazing. These Marvel nesting dolls include Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Nick Fury. These are […]


Avengers Assemble Full Wall Mural

Marvel’s mightiest heroes prepare for an epic battle in your home with the Avengers Assemble Full Wall Mural, giving the popular characters a larger-than-life presence that other comic book fans will envy. This impressive 10-feet wide x 8-feet tall mural features Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, […]