Thor Hammer Bookend

Whosoever holds this Thor Hammer Bookend, if he be worthy, shall possess the power to keep their books, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs neatly organized. This version of might Mjölnir might not let you call down the lightning but it will let you show off your […]


Thor Frozen Hammer T-Shirt

The Thunder God has never looked cooler (literally) than he does on the Thor Frozen Hammer T-Shirt, with his mighty hammer, Mjölnir, encased within ice. It looks like the Frost Giants are taking on Odin’s golden-haired boy, and Thor doesn’t seem pleased with how things […]


Thor Hammer Cuff Bracelet

Fans already know that Thor’s hammer is one powerful weapon. What if you could have two? On your wrist? That’s double the Mjölnir power. This Thor Hammer Cuff Bracelet gives you twice the power and looks stylish and sexy. Thankfully, it isn’t heavy like Thor’s […]


Thor Mjolnir Prop Replica

The power of Thor can be yours with this amazing Thor Mjolnir Prop Replica. Rule Asgard with this finely detailed Thor Mjolnir Hammer of Thor Prop Replica crafted from aged steel. You can be sure that it is movie accurate as well since it is […]